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14 June 2007 - 6:16pm -- Joseph

When we were packing up our house to rent it prior to going to Cameroon, we were fairly ruthless (by our standards) and chucked out a lot of stuff. Among the casualties was my old 17" Apple monitor. Since flat-screen monitors were available pretty cheap, I figured it was time for it to go, as it was a little bulky (imagine a 17" screen attached to a small shed).

So now we're back, I need to get a monitor asap, in order to be able to use our well-travelled Mini-Mac (which survived the trips to and from Cameroon in tact, though how many tiny Buea ants have ventured through the CD slot, never to return, no one can say... )

I'm fairly clueless about hardware at the best of times, but having been out of the country for a year, I've got no idea... So, does anyone have any recommendations for flat-screen monitors, or at least a few tips on what factors I should be considering? Obviously it's going to have to work with a Mac (though I assune that this is a non-issue), I'd like to get a decent sized screen, it's also going to need to have pretty good colour fidelity as I'll be doing design work on it.

It's also possible that we may opt not to have a tv in the house, so it also may end up being the de facto DVD viewing screen for the household (though if this decision is upheld, this extra responsibility will be accompanied by a greater budget...)

So, anyone got any hints or tips?

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