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Hello, my name is Joseph Talbot, I live in Oxford (UK) and work as a web designer. Most of the time I run InfoDev, a small web development team at IT Services for the University of Oxford.  The rest of the time I do freelance web design and illustration, often for Versantus.

I'm married to a Heather, she's a nurse at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. We live in Kidlington just outside of Oxford.  A few years ago we spent a year volunteering in  Buea, Cameroon with an an NGO called HINT. During our time in Cameroon I blogged fairly regularly, I've compiled the posts from that time in the Cameroon diaries. Since that time parenthood, Twitter and Facebook have pretty much dried up the blog posts,  but becoming a father livened up my photo chronology project.  I also manage to produce the odd painting and illustration.

In a shameless attempt to improve its search engine ranking, I'd also like to mention that I built an online comic called Oneironaut.

The blog is still going (just about), highlights include avoiding chilli burn (originally a post with a tip for preventing chilli burn which turned into a discussion on treating chiil burn and once upon a time was one of the top Google hits for chilli burn), Ten 80's Films That I Like Better Than Ghostbusters?, which caused some debate and my personal favourite:  a question of taste, (a fairly throwaway post on my part about food cravings which unearthed some interesting discussion on taste hallucinations.)