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One of the those days...

18 November 2006 - 12:31pm -- Joseph

We had quite a day yesterday. First off, we went to visit a school, to see the Headmistress about a project we want to set up. Unfortunately she wasn't present due to a bereavement, so we were told to come back later.

We went to the office, to find out the power was off, and was going to be off all day. This meant I couldn't teach my final session of the Web design course, so we put it off until the next day (Saturday.)

So instead we went back to the school and met the headteacher (result), then went off to do some of the things scheduled for Saturday, like go see Oscar the tailor, do some cleaning, etc...

On returning from this, we discovered that the Tax Man had come to visit HINT, and shut us down for non-payment!

Apparently they were saying we are a business, which we're not, we're a charity. We do have revenue generating ventures (like the internet cafe and VoIP phone calls) but these are there to fund HINT's other projects, not to turn a profit. Unfortunately, they couldn't be persuaded, so they shut us down, sealing the building (with wax and string!).

So I then had to move to plan C: teach the class on Monday, which is not ideal because Heather's parents should be here by then...

We then bumped into Aunty Becky, who Heather is working with on AIDS-related matters. She wanted to meet us to organise what we will do on World Aids Day, which is coming up on December 1st. She said she would meet us in the local bar/off-licence ar six.

So we went off to see one of the guys from football, to see his paintings (not bad, not really my thing technically, but some interesting themes an subjects, social commentary type stuff.) We then went to the bar at six to meet Becky. We waited until half seven - no sign...

After this we went down to a 'Bach night' we had been invited to, like a stag do, only instead of a 'no women allowed' policy, they have a 'get as many women as possible' policy - the idea has merit...

It was advertised as starting at six - we turned up at eight thirty, to be told that it actually starts at ten. We mooched back to Figaro's (the football club's usual haunt), had a drink or two, then ended up just going home! I was knackered after a long day of failing to do anything.

So this morning we got up, to be greeted by a text message saying Hev's parents have missed their flight! The shuttle bus at Heathrow didn't turn up, so they need to get a flight on Monday...

So there we go, I was going to write about how we had a very 'African' day, then this morning we were granted with a shining example of Euorpean incompetence, West London style, courtesy of BAA.

Ah well...

On the plus side, the fact that I'm writing this means that we're at least back in the HINT office (tax issue not entirely resolved, but progress has been made...)

Ho hum, onwards and upwards...

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