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Problem with Google indexing a site on

4 November 2013 - 9:07pm -- Joseph

Recently I've been assiting a couple of academics with their project website Re-imagining Democracy. Obviously most clients I work with are keen to ensure their sites are well ranked in Google and other search engines and this project is no exception.  The site is a hosted Wordpress site on and we have set it to allow search engines to crawl, but it doesn't seem to be getting indexed by Google.  If I do a literal string search for a passage within the site (e.g. "The project also ran a two-term seminar on Ottoman history in the 18th and 19th centuries to explore this dimension of democratic thinking in the Mediterranean:") it doesn't return a result for the site (or indeed any results for that literal string).

I've always found Wordpress to be a very well indexed by Google and aside form a few minor CSS changes, the site is basically a straight-from-the-box Wordpress site. So what's going on? Surely a Wordpress site doesn't need submitting to Google to get indexed? Anyone know of Wordpress sites not getting indexed?Obviously Googling the problem mostly just tells me to open the site for indexing, which we've already done.

This post is part plea for solutions and part experiment (I'm linking ot the site; will that help?),  so, any bright ideas anyone? 

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