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29 May 2007 - 2:54pm -- Joseph

Time is ticking way, Helen arrives today (Hev's nurse friend who's going to continue her work), Hev's off to meet her at the airport soon, tomorrow is our farewell party (well our first farewell party... ), on Thursday Genesis leaves for the U.S. and next week we go home.

It's all happening rather fast now.

I finished my last Web Design class last week, and this week I'm teaching my Introduction to Digital Images class for the last time.

The last grains of sand are trickling throug hthe neck of the glass marked Joe and Hev in Cameroon, I can't believe it's going to be over so soon. Well, I can. But also I can't. You get me?

In many ways it will be very exciting to go home, see friends and family again, eat cheese, have cereal for breakfast with cold milk with my feet on carpet, have a hot shower that sort of thing. It will also to be able to travel freely. I will be able to just get in a car and drive anywhere I like! Without being stopped by the police three times, without having to share the back seat with some woman who's arse is wider than Hev and I put together (last Friday) or any of the fifty other random delays that often occur.


On the other hand, it's going to be sad to leave. We've made some good friends, I get to play 11-a-side football twice a week on a proper pitch (if your definition of proper is surfaced with volcanic gravel), beers are 50p a go, meaty snacks and boiled eggs with hot chilli sauce are 10p a go and you can get a whole grilled fish for under a quid.

Our Saturday trips to the beach with our Euro-American Whiteman beach posse will be particularly missed (Hev''s missing them already, though we may still make it down on Saturday, weather and hangover permitting). Floating in the sea watching the clouds float around the mountain (or obscure it completely) is not to be missed.

Sigh there's just so many things to miss, and so many things that definitely won't be missed.

Should I stay or should I go?

Well we're going. so live with it...

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