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Wireless audio - how to?

3 February 2013 - 8:52pm -- Joseph

I'm trying to improve the audio set-up in our house and cut down on the number of wires and cables trailing about the place. I'm trying to sort out some sort of wireless audio system (y'know, the typical geeky bloke dream of seamless music throughout the house.) I could buy one of those systems that seems to promise the earth like Sonos (which sounds pretty good), but to be honest I'm pretty close to having the set-up I want.  The one thing I need to be able to do is provide a wireless connection between an audio-out small jack in one room and an audio input into an amp in another room (the input into the amp is left/right stero leads, but I've got a small jack to stero lead already).

Anyone know how I might achieve this?

Obviously it's technically possilbe abd it's the sort of thing I figure you could get as a fairly cheap consumer item, but a quick googling around hasn't revealed anything.  Any suggestions?

I guess I could buy a wireless guitar lead set-up and a large jack to small jack converter, but that seems like quite an expensive solution, I was hoping for something cheaper (and do those things need battery? If it needs to be powered, I'd prefer mains).

So that's what I want, so hey internets, please solve my problem for me...

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