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A question of taste: Comments please...

23 January 2004 - 5:50pm -- Joseph

Right, I've finally got around to adding a comments facility, so if you would like to comment on anything I've said, go ahead....

In particular, I would like feedback on this particular issue:
Does anyone else get taste hallucinations, or is it just me?

Obviously it's normally when I'm hungry, but not always, I get a sudden taste sensation, a quite tangible sense of some foodstuff or other. Of course, this usually results in me craving said foodstuff for the rest of the day, sometimes week. Truth be told, I quite enjoy it, brings a sense of anticipation that I can toy with until I next eat out (which is quite alot) or buy snacks (which isn't).

So is this just me being strange or what? And if it's not just me, what sort of things do people hallucinate/crave?

My recent episodes have included a hankering for Chinese food (though that's pretty much permanent), an attack of the peanuts and a sudden sense of garlic douhballs.

What about you?


Ermm Joe if you are suffering from nausea in the mornings as well as these peculiar longings for food I think you might be pregnant. Please invest in one of those small packages from Boots and investigate further. Obviously if you are, the phrase "You're such a man" will no longer apply!

Well, I found this while researching taste hallucinations online. I've hallucinated tastes for a long as I can remember, and I think it's a lot of fun. If you look up "gustatory hallucination", the definition is generally something like "The sensation of a taste that is not there, usually unpleasant." Mine are actually often more pleasant than unpleasant, but I do hallucinate smells and tastes that not food (like chlorine, burning candle) and some of them are bad (like vomit). Sometimes I taste or smells things that I can't describe at all. I hallucinate random things at random times, pretty much every day, and each hallucination only lasts a few seconds.

Wow Nebula, your 'taste hallucinations' sound much more frequent and vivid than mine! I think mine are just a combination of hunger, subliminal association and an overactive imagination - cravings, basically.

Yours sound altogether more interesting. I'm glad you say that you enjoy them!

I think you probably have a brain tumour. Apparently if you taste strawberry yoghurt or smell smoke, it's curtains

Ever since I had been exposed to aerosolized ribavirin this past February (02/2007) from a patient we were treating with this stuff for an RSV infection I have developed a tingling taste sensation in my mouth. This sensation used to be sweet, but now it's just a tingling sensation on my upper palate and tongue. This has lasted for six months. If anyone out there has had a similar longterm sensation after being exposed to aerosolized ribavirin please let me know by commenting at this website.

This sensation is driving me nuts, and my therapist is claiming this is a taste hallucination. I don't know for sure.

Please comment whoever is experiencing similar sensations so that I don't feel like I am alone.

God Bless

to: damian j wojcik you are not alone i too have had the same sensation in my mouth after being treated for my rsv infection at first i thought it was because of my insomnia but then after a few months i looked it up online i read your blog and i think that is my explanation in a way you helped me and i am not alone in this either i just wanted you to know that youre not the only one and youre not insane

allah bless

Sasha, I don't believe that you are having these hallucinations. I think that you are lying.

Loretta, I don't believe that you don't believe sasha, I think that you are lying.

I have bipolar I and have multiple hullucinations: visual, auditory, olfactory, and taste. I think I'm unusual in the fact I'm aware it's not reality and a hullucination. The taste ones are uncommon and usually taste metallic. Sometimes pleasant like soda but not always. This is very different then say a pregnancy craving and the sensation as real as reality just logically I know I didn't just have a spoon of sugar. There are medications that make all the hullucinations go away but for me the medication side effects are worse then the hullucinations. Good luck all.

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