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13 June 2007 - 9:27pm -- Joseph

So, we're home. Our journey home was extremely trouble free as it turned out. We left Buea on Thursday evening at 6.45, ending a long, painful procession of goodbyes. All our flights were on time, our luggage was under our (admittedly very generous) allowance, we declared our masks at Douala airport and paid the correct duty with no messing around.

We had an eight-hour stop over in Brussels after an overnight flight from Douala. We were extremely tired, but managed to have an enjoyable day, including a visit to the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art, which was cool - I got to meet Asterix!

We then made our weary way back to blighty. For some reason, Gatwick airport was like a ghost town, so we sailed through unhindered, to the welcoming arms of Heather's parents, who whisked us back to Suffolk.
It's strange to be back, in that it doesn't seem strange at all. Yes, many things are a lot different to what we've been used to, but we're English, we remember what it's like.

All in all, although it was very sad to leave, it's also very nice to be back - every meal is a new adventure at the moment for a start...

Also, I'm typing this on Hev's Dad's broadband, which is mind-bogglingly fast in comparison to the connection in Buea.

It just like Christmas at the moment- after all it's not hard to adjust back to everything being easier, cleaner and faster. What I'm going to find less easy to deal with is all of life's niggling little complications that will start creeping back in, all the useless static that life in England involves: sales phone calls, 'special' offers, soap operas, 'reality' tv, celebrity gossip, ridiculous health and safety regs, litigation culture, etc. etc.

We're still blissfully detached from it all at the moment, but I'm sure it will all come seeping back into our lives like rising damp.


I'm going to do my best to cut out as much of it as possible though; if it's not enriching your life, it's static: tune it out...


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