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Captain Terry

10 August 2006 - 3:45pm -- Joseph

So Mclaren's gone for John Terry as England captain. It's not a decision you can really quarrel with, I'm sure Terry will do a good job, but personally I'd have preferred Steve Gerrard to get the gig.

Partly this is because I like Gerrard more than Terry as a player and as a person (not that I've ever met either of them, but hey...), but also I think Gerrard would do more to fire the team up when it needs it (as they certainly needed it this summer...).

I know everyone talks about Terry's commitment (and the giving of 110%/150%, one of the more nonsensical of popular football cliches), but it's very hard to drive a team forward from defence. It's much easier to lift a team from midfield, as Gerrard did so brilliantly in Istanbul.

Maybe that's it really: I want Gerrard as captain because of that performance. What a feat though. And he did it again in the FA cup this year.

So that's two good feat(s) then!

Sorry, couldn't resist...


I doubt you did catch it, but the MLS "allstars" played Chelsea last week, and it was pretty entertaining to watch. Chelsea was not in shape yet, so the MLS was able to pull off the upset.

Terry made an impression on me because he ran up to play forward the last ten minutes of the game, being as he was one of the few players on Chelsea's side who was not walking about. He was determined not to lose that game. I think he'll make an excellent captain.

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