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James Brown: Funk Legend

28 December 2006 - 9:16am -- Joseph

So, the final curtain has fallen on The Hardest Working Man in Show Business tm. It's sad to see him go, the man was a legend. His influence on the music over the last forty years is incalculable. Funky Drummer is the most sampled song of all of time, by some margin, I would guess (though as a drummer I have to give credit to the funky drummer in question, Clyde Stubblefield). The man practically invented funk music, and what a fine invention.

Half-time oranges

27 December 2006 - 3:39pm -- Joseph

We got back from Limbe yesterday, having spent Christmas day and boxing day on the beach. we had a nice time, though it didn't really beat being wit hfriends and family and eating a proper home-cooked roast!

We had a great time messing about in the spring water pool at Seme beach. It's very cold, but crystal clear, so you can see very well under water, without chlorine or salt stinging your eyes. Also, because it's really cold, if you get out and run immediately into the sea, the sea feels like a hot bath - great fun.

Christmas is cancelled?

25 December 2006 - 10:25am -- Joseph

Genesis and Marceline have siad they're not too keen to celebrate Christmas, mostly based on the old chestnut of it being based on a pagan festival.

So its not too christmasy round here, but Hev's been doing her best, trawling the ipod for Christmas songs (there aren't any).

Nevermind, we're off to the beach for the day!

Happy Winter Solstice to one and all...


21 December 2006 - 2:50pm -- Joseph

We have water again - hurrah!

I was beginning to wonder if we were facing a long-term outage, but this afternoon a meter appeared, and we now have running water to the house again.


An Introduction to Web Design, mk. II

20 December 2006 - 10:34am -- Joseph

I've started teaching my An Introduction to Web Design again this week. Despite the many people who tried to enroll on the first course after it started, and asking when the next course will be, I've only got three students, one of which is Genesis!

I'm not sure why this is, maybe December is a quiet time (certainly turnout at football has been low the last couple of weeks ) - I guess everyone's driving home for Christmas.

I said I'd post the pdf of the course once I'd done the re-writes after the first run. It turns out that doing re-writes = not that easy...

High and Dry

19 December 2006 - 9:58am -- Joseph

Looks like the lack of water supply is going to be as temporary as we thought. Various delays in paperwork mean we may have missed the boat in our attempt to get them to come and refit the meter that they took out (which, ridiculously enough, was plan A).

We're probably going to have to wait for a new meter, which will take, y'know, as long as it takes...

Ho hum....

Eek! No water!

12 December 2006 - 3:12pm -- Joseph

Due to some strange situation about changing over water meters, we've got no water supply for the next couple of days. Apparently the previous 'tenants' (I say tenants, but asset-stripping, rent-paying, squatters would be a better descriptions) have finally got around to imforming the water company that they no longer live there, so the water company have come and taken the meter! We now need to go through the teeth-pulling agony of bureacratic nonsense that is required for everything, to get a meter of our own.

Comedy customers

8 December 2006 - 3:51pm -- Joseph

There's a particular kind of customer that comes in to HINT to use the internet that simultaneously amuse me and drive me crazy. They're normally blokes (but not always), they have good jobs and with it an inflated sense of self worth, but very little idea about computers and the Web.

Thus we have someone who is used to demanding respect and being in control, thrust into a situation where they feel helpless.