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right, we're off

31 October 2003 - 5:30pm -- Joseph

right then time to go. After a week when almost everything that could go wrong pretty much did, we're all set to leave the country. We have no garage door and Hev's bike got nicked from the garage within two hours of it breaking, but I promised myself I wouldn't use the blogg to rant so, calm calm calm...

Anyway, no work for a month! Sun! Weddings! Mexican food!!

I hope to have some stories to tell here soon...

Travel diary (no, really...)

28 October 2003 - 5:42pm -- Joseph

Hev and I are off to Guatemala and Mexico for a month on Monday (which is nice...)
I've no idea how much we'll be able to/want to get Internet access, but if we do, I'm giong to try and write some entries in here. Hev might do some too.
So no promises but there may be some occasional updates on our progress appearing...