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You're the one for me, fatty

3 February 2008 - 11:56am -- Joseph

When the new ipod nanos were launched last year, the initial reaction in our office was much the same as elsewhere: yuk, they've squashed the ipod. My friend Andy described them as like 'seeing a cute girl you used to know that got fat'. Andy's a sensitive kind of guy. In short, the new Nano was a fatty.

However over Christmas I got to see one in the flesh and discovered that square-ish they may be, but fat they ain't. Clearly Apple's release photos didn't do them justice (probably shooting them straight on was a mistake, as you didn't get to see how thin they were.)

Now I love my original ipod shuffle dearly, but I have of late found myself wishing for a screen so that I can, y'know, actually select tracks (or at least know what track I'm listening too!). Also, Hev wants an ipod of her own and was taken with the colour selection - particularly the special red one that donates some money to HIV charities (a subject close to her battery-operated heart after her work in Cameroon).

So we're going to buy each other Nanos for Valentines' (aaaah...) - a technique for justifying expenditure on flash new toys that we're repeating from 2005, when we did the same thing with the ipod shuffles.

Show you care, say it with ipods...


Are you quoting me there sir? Whilst a bit blunt, it does sound like something I would've said!

I did see my new flatmate's Nano and I'm not going to lie, in the same way she makes me look fat in real life, my Video is looking like it should run laps! Still gonna hold out for a 32Gb iPhone however...

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